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1 an amount allowed or granted (as during a given period); "travel allowance"; "my weekly allowance of two eggs"; "a child's allowance should not be too generous"
2 a sum granted as reimbursement for expenses
3 an amount added or deducted on the basis of qualifying circumstances; "an allowance for profit" [syn: adjustment]
4 a permissible difference; allowing some freedom to move within limits [syn: leeway, margin, tolerance]
5 a reserve fund created by a charge against profits in order to provide for changes in the value of a company's assets [syn: valuation reserve, valuation account, allowance account]
6 the act of allowing; "He objected to the allowance of smoking in the diningroom" v : put on a fixed allowance, as of food

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alouance (cf allouer)


  • /əˈlaʊəns/, /@"laU@ns/


  1. The act of allowing, granting, conceding, or admitting; authorization; permission; sanction; tolerance.
    Without the king's will or the state's allowance. --Shak.
  2. Acknowledgment.
    The censure of the which one must in your allowance overweigh a whole theater of others. --Shak.
  3. That which is allowed; a share or portion allotted or granted; a sum granted as a reimbursement, a bounty, or as appropriate for any purpose; a stated quantity, as of food or drink; hence, a limited quantity of meat and drink, when provisions fall short.
    I can give the boy a handsome allowance. --Thackeray.
  4. Abatement; deduction; the taking into account of mitigating circumstances; as, to make allowance for the inexperience of youth.
    After making the largest allowance for fraud. --Macaulay.
  5. (commercial) A customary deduction from the gross weight of goods, different in different countries, such as tare and tret.
  6. A child's allowance; pocket money.


The act of allowing, granting, conceding, or admitting; authorization; permission; sanction; tolerance
That which is allowed
Abatement; deduction; the taking into account of mitigating circumstances
A customary deduction from the gross weight of goods

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C ration, K ration, OK, abatement, acceptance, account, acknowledgment, adjustment, admission, agio, aid, alimony, allocation, allotment, allowing, annuity, apportionment, appreciation, appropriation, approximation, assessment, assignment, assistance, authorization, avowal, bank discount, big end, bigger half, bill, bit, bite, blackmail, blood money, board, bounty, breakage, budget, bulge, cash discount, cession, chain discount, charge-off, charter, chunk, circumscription, color, commission, commons, concession, confession, consent, consideration, contingent, countenance, credit, cut, deadwood, deal, declaration, decontamination, deduction, depletion allowance, depreciation, destiny, deviation, discount, dispensation, dividend, dole, drawback, edge, emergency rations, emolument, end, equal share, exception, excuses, exemption, extenuating circumstances, extenuation, extenuative, fate, favor, fee, fellowship, field rations, financial assistance, footing, gilding, gloss, grain of salt, grant, grant-in-aid, guaranteed annual income, half, halver, handicap, head start, hedge, hedging, help, helping, hush money, imprecision, inaccuracy, inaccurateness, incorrectness, indulgence, inexactitude, inexactness, initiation fee, interest, kickback, laxity, leave, liberty, license, limitation, looseness, lot, meals, measure, meed, mental reservation, mess, mileage, mitigation, modicum, modification, moiety, negligence, odds, okay, old-age insurance, overhand, palliation, palliative, part, patent, payment, pecuniary aid, penalty, penalty clause, pension, percentage, permission, permission to enter, permit, permitting, piece, pin money, pocket money, portion, predictable error, premium, price reduction, price support, price-cut, probable error, profession, proportion, public assistance, public welfare, qualification, quantum, quota, rake-off, ration, rations, rebate, rebatement, reckoning, recognition, recompense, reduction, refund, reimbursement, release, relief, remittance, remuneration, reservation, restriction, retainer, retaining fee, retirement benefits, rollback, salvage, salvo, sanction, sanctioning, scholarship, scot, segment, setoff, share, short commons, slice, small share, softening, special case, special permission, special treatment, specialness, specification, stake, standard deviation, start, stipend, stock, subsidization, subsidy, subvention, sufferance, suffering, support, tare, tax benefit, ticket, ticket of admission, time discount, tolerance, tolerating, toleration, trade discount, tret, tribute, tucker, uncorrectness, underselling, unfactualness, unpreciseness, unrigorousness, vantage, varnish, vouchsafement, waiver, welfare, welfare aid, welfare payments, whitewash, whitewashing, write-off
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